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The Medical-image Analysis and Statistical Interpretation (MASI) Lab, led by Dr. Bennett Landman, is seeking passionate and innovative Postdoctoral Fellows to join our team. The ideal candidates will have a strong background in AI, Python, and imaging data analysis, with a preference for those experienced in medical imaging. Our lab focuses on the development and application of advanced imaging techniques, machine learning models, and clinical studies aimed at understanding and interpreting medical imaging data for various health applications.

Department Electrical and Computer Engineering
Full Description

The MASI Lab at Vanderbilt University is at the forefront of medical imaging research, specializing in MRI, CT, and diffusion imaging analysis. We are looking for Postdoctoral Fellows who are eager to contribute to our ongoing projects on imaging techniques, machine learning, and deep learning applications in medical imaging, diffusion MRI tractography, and disease characterization. Candidates should demonstrate a strong foundation in AI and programming (preferably in Python), an understanding of imaging data, and an enthusiasm for tackling complex problems in medical imaging.


* Develop and apply advanced imaging techniques and machine learning models for medical image analysis.
* Conduct research on diffusion MRI, tractography, and other imaging modalities to support clinical applications and disease characterization.
* Collaborate with interdisciplinary teams to design and execute studies, analyze data, and publish findings.
* Contribute to the development of open-source software tools for the medical imaging community.


* PhD in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, or a related field.
* Strong programming skills, particularly in Python.
* Experience with AI and machine learning models, particularly in the context of imaging data.
* Familiarity with medical imaging techniques and data (experience preferred but not required).
* Demonstrated ability to conduct independent research and publish peer-reviewed papers.
* Excellent communication skills and a collaborative spirit.

- Disclosure: We are an AI Lab! Indeed, we used LLM to organize and format this text. We have reviewed and approved all content. **Responsible** use of AI is a critical area of exploration for us.

Application Details

Interested candidates should email with the subject line "Vanderbilt OPA Postdoctoral Fellow Application". Please include:

* A cover letter explaining your interest in joining our lab, the grand challenges you wish to explore, and how your background has prepared you for this position.
* A PDF version of your CV detailing your academic and research achievements.

For more information about our team and projects, visit

We look forward to exploring your application and the potential impact we can make together in the field of medical imaging research.

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Posted 2024-04-10 15:04:51

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