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The Cigliola Laboratory invites applications for a Postdoc position. Our lab is dedicated to identifying novel strategies for reversing paralysis after spinal cord injury. We deploy frontline genetics, transcriptomics, in vivo cellular, molecular, and behavioral approaches in zebrafish and mouse models to uncover Mechanisms of Spinal Cord Regeneration. We are located within the Pharmacology Department of Vanderbilt University and are members of the Vanderbilt Brain Institute.

Department Pharmacology
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While in adult mammals (including humans) spinal cord injury causes lifelong paralysis, zebrafish possess an astounding capacity to regenerate and recover function after a paralyzing injury. Neonatal mice also regenerate axons after spinal cord injury, and recent studies have bolstered the idea of similar regeneration mechanisms to those in zebrafish. We are interested in the following questions: What are the factors and mechanisms allowing innate spinal cord regeneration to occur? How are these mechanisms regulated? Can regeneration in adult mammals be enhanced by re-establishment of innate pro-regenerative programs? Overall, our goal is to contribute to the development of strategies to awaken spinal cord regeneration in adult mammals.

We are looking for curiosity-driven, motivated and ambitious candidates with interest for regenerative biology and neuroscience. The ideal candidate will have a record of scientific rigor, productivity, and creativity. Strong skills in neuroscience, molecular biology, bioinformatics, transcriptomics, imaging, histology are required. Enthusiasm for working with zebrafish and/or mice is essential. We strongly value team spirit, a positive work environment and collaborations. 

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Application Details

Please send your application in a single PDF, including (1) a cover letter that includes a description of research interests and experience, (2) CV, (3) contact information of 3 references, (4) a writing sample mailed directly to 
Review of applications will begin immediately, and positions will remain open until filled.

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Posted 2024-04-04 14:08:00

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