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The Choi Lab studies basic and pre-clinical research projects to understand mechanisms of carcinogenic transition in gastric carcinogenesis. The Choi Lab is a multiple (NCI and DOD) funded gastric cancer research laboratory and uses novel in vivo mouse models and in vitro organoid models which are unique in the gastric cancer field. We aim to define biological mechanisms of carcinogenic transition from pre-cancerous cells to cancerous cells. We also seek to develop novel therapeutic approaches to prevention of gastric cancer development and identify novel druggable targets for patients with high-risk pre-cancer and/or cancer.

Department Surgery
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Potential projects currently available

1. A project to determine possible therapies using small compound inhibitors that negatively control metabolic enzymes
2. A project to determine independent roles of oncogenic genes during malignant transformation of pre-cancerous cells to cancerous cells

Application Details

Successful candidates:

1. A PhD degree in cell/stem cell biology or cancer biology
2. Experience with transgenic mouse models
3. Experience with scRNA-seq or organoids strongly encouraged
4. A track record of original publications, with at least one first authored scientific publication
5. Strong communication skills in English, oral and written

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Contact Eunyoung Choi
(615) 322-0775
Posted 2024-01-08 22:01:34

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