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GRAVITY Postdoctoral Fellowship

Department Physics & Astronomy
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The Physics & Astronomy Department at Vanderbilt announces the 2023 GRAVITY (Gravitational Radiation At Vanderbilt In TheorY) Postdoctoral Fellowship. In the current cycle, we expect to appoint at least one Fellow specifically to work in the group of Prof. Karan Jani. Candidates with experience in data analysis for the ongoing and upcoming gravitational-wave observatories (LIGO/Virgo/KAGRA, Einstein Telescope/Cosmic Explorer, or LISA), and/or numerical relativity simulations are strongly encouraged to apply. 

This position comes with an attractive salary commensurate with other prestigious prize fellowships in physics and astronomy, including full benefits, relocation expenses, and a competitive research budget. Additionally, Vanderbilt University will cover any expenses related to filing work visas for international scholars. 

Fellows will have opportunity to collaborate with interdisciplinary research at Vanderbilt Initiative for Gravity, Waves, & Fluids (VandyGRAF), Vanderbilt Initiative in Data-Intensive Astrophysics (VIDA), and Vanderbilt Lunar Labs Initiative. The Department of Physics & Astronomy at Vanderbilt include faculty at the forefront of research in Gravitational Waves (Holley-Bockelmann, Jani, Taylor), Supermassive Black Holes (Holley-Bockelmann, Lupsasca, Runnoe, Taylor), Particle & Nuclear Physics (Greene, Gurrola, Kunnawalkam Elayavalli, Paquet, Velkovska) and Stellar Astrophysics & Exoplanets (Stassun).

Vanderbilt is part of major astronomy and physics collaborations such as LIGO, LISA, NANOGrav, the International Pulsar Timing Array, SDSS, LSST, LHC, CMS, and EHT. The university houses the state-of-the-art Advanced Computing Center for Research and Education (ACCRE) cluster with ~10,000 cores and bleeding-edge GPU resources.

Vanderbilt University engages in significant efforts to increase diversity and equity in STEM through the Fisk-Vanderbilt Bridge Program, as well as our new NSF Research Traineeship Programs, EMIT (Establishing Multi-messenger astronomy Inclusive Training) and NISE (Neurodiversity Inspired Science & Engineering).

Vanderbilt is ranked 13th top university in the United States in the 2023 US News & World Report Rankings. Nashville is ranked amongst the top 25 cities to live in the US, with thriving scenes in music, art, entertainment, education, and technology.

Candidates interested in further details are encouraged to contact Prof. Karan Jani at

Application Details

Application Procedure:

To apply, please submit the following materials online on this site:
A brief cover letter that states the overall goals and motivation for applying (1 page)
A curriculum vitae
A publication list
A single document containing a brief statement of past research accomplishments and future research interests (3 pages)
In addition, please arrange for three letters of reference to be submitted. 

For more information on this opportunity, please reach out to: 

Contact Karan Jani
Posted 2023-02-07 19:15:05

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