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Success Stories

Within our 30 years of graduating Posse students, all of these Vanderbilt alums have gone on to accomplish great things. Here are some highlights of Posse’s success stories.

Dr. Shirley Collado, BS’94, Vanderbilt Posse 1

Posse scholars at Vanderbilt are involved in many student organizations and are in leadership roles. Their stories and their successes are impressive.

Distinguished Posse alum, Dr. Shirley Collado, BS’94, and member of the very first Vanderbilt Posse was a recipient of the 2015 Peabody College Distinguished Alumni Award.

Founding member of the Posse Foundation, she served as executive vice chancellor and chief operating officer at Rutgers. She now serves as the ninth president of Ithaca College. 

Click here to read here article, “Member of first Posse becomes president of Ithaca College”, interviewed by Posse New York.

Vanderbilt Posse Alum Carl Manalo

Carl Manalo, BS ’01, Vanderbilt Posse 8

Click here to read Carl’s article, “Transforming a failing school into success for Queens students” interviewed by Posse New York.

Vanderbilt Posse 8

Back row, from left: Tstrongitope Ajibade, Vanessa Gallo, Carl Manalo, Zainab Muzaffar, Rob James, D’Wayne Pietro.

Front row, from left: Brunilda Estrada, Everol Richards.

Vanderbilt Alum Erica Spatz

Erica Spatz, BS ’97, Vanderbilt Posse 4

Click here to read Erica’s article, “Cardiologist reaches globally and locally, brings heart to Yale” interviewed by Posse New York.

Vanderbilt Posse 4

Richard Mason, BS ’97, Vanderbilt Posse 4

Click here to read Richard’s article, “Mason Richard’s readies to make the Seawall feature length film” interviewed by Joanna Dhanraj from Stabroek News.

Vanderbilt Posse 4

Sulman Usman

Click here to read Sulman’s article, “Alumnus Designs, Installs First Green Roof at United Nations” interviewed by Posse New York.

Christine Lim

Click here to read Christine’s article, “New Vanderbilt Graduate Recognized as Outstanding Senior” interviewed by Posse New York.