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Director, Staff and Mentors

Administrative Staff

Dr. Frank Dobson, Associate Dean at The Martha Rivers Ingram Commons, serves as the Director of the Vanderbilt Posse Scholar Program. In addition to his role of Associate Dean at The Martha Rivers Ingram Commons, and Director of Vanderbilt’s Posse Scholar Program, he is also a Faculty Head of House.




Makayla Anderson headshot

Makayla Anderson helps coordinate the Vanderbilt Posse Scholar Program. She has worked with Vanderbilt Posses since 2019 and coordinates the Posse Plus Retreat, various Posse events, and the Posse Graduation ceremony. She also is an Administrative Assistant in the office of The Dean of Students.




Gregory Dendy is the Posse Scholar Program Graduate Assistant and is a second year Divinity student at Vanderbilt. A graduate of Fisk University, with a background in political science and sociology, he aspires toward a career in higher education – in Student Affairs. Gregory enjoys community service, politics, and music. He lives according to the scripture, Joshua 1:9. His hope is to help students and all communities around him create intentional and prospering environments.


Posse Mentors


Vanderbilt Posse 28 (Seniors)

Anna Thomas, Ed.D.

Otis McGresham, M.Ed.

Vanderbilt Posse 29 (Juniors)

Nancy Nolan, M.Ed.

Vanderbilt Posse 30 (Sophomores)

Danny Coradazzi Headshot

Danny Coradazzi, M.S.

Danielle Bolling Headshot

Danielle Bolling, M.Ed.

Vanderbilt Posse 31 (First-Years)

Cleo Rucker, J.D.

Dominique Marmeno, B.S.