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Plant Operations renamed Vanderbilt University Maintenance and Operations (VUMO), learn more.

Controls and Chilled Water Distribution

The chilled water distribution team provides skilled planning and work to ensure safe, effective, reliable and energy-efficient operation of chillers, chilled water distribution, and cooling towers with condenser water distribution. This team is responsible for all chilled and condenser water production and distribution from the Power House and building chiller plants at an appropriate temperature range, including all chiller and tower maintenance, water treatment, major repairs, commissioning, retro-commissioning, testing and modifications of chilled water systems while utilizing knowledge of refrigeration theory, Hydronics, airflow, controls and energy efficiency.
The controls group commissions, tests, and repairs environmental control systems, campus fire systems, security systems (panic buttons, lockdown buttons), and security camera systems. They are responsible for all the building automation systems and well as the enterprise-level monitoring system. They are also responsible for all fire system testing and maintenance for all campus buildings.
The goal of both these teams is to provide a comfortable learning and working environment for students, staff and faculty in the most energy-efficient way possible.
If you wish to report a temperature control issue, please fill out a facilities service request or contact Building Systems Control (BSC) at  615-322-2621.

All work orders should be submitted using the ReADY application . For emergency facilities issues please call 615-322-2621.