Open Dialogue Visiting Fellows Program

The Vanderbilt Open Dialogue Visiting Fellows Program brings together thought leaders from across the political and ideological spectrum to engage with students, faculty, the public, and each other, modeling evidence-based, civil debate. The program aims to inject thoughtful, respectful, and reasoned dialogue into our national conversation—at a time when our country needs it most.

Vanderbilt University

“Diverse perspectives form the rich soil from which insight and impact grow.”

Vanderbilt Chancellor Daniel Diermeier

Freedom of Expression

One of Vanderbilt’s core values is to foster a culture of free expression and open discourse. We believe that environment is necessary to truly produce truly groundbreaking research, ideas, and developments. A college campus must be a place where diverse voices can come together to share, inform, debate, and sharpen different viewpoints. Vanderbilt has created that culture on campus, welcoming open, informed, reasoned dialogue on society’s most complex and challenging issues.