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The Office of Digital Education (ODE) can support faculty to identify, develop and launch new online education opportunities. We can discuss your needs and provide direct assistance or vendor recommendations for everything from market research to instructional design, and more.

Whether you have an early idea with a basic concept in mind or pre-existing course content you’d like to bring online to a global learning platform, we’re here to help. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

What to Expect & Resources

As the hub for digital learning, we partner with units across campus to catalyze and facilitate online learning. Whether you are looking for full program support, market research, media production, or best practices our team can assist you.

  • Program Identification

    ODE can support identification of new program opportunities, financial planning, resource identification, and program differentiation strategy.

  • Market Research

    Market research is conducted to provide program feasibility studies, helping to guide program design and go to market strategy.

  • External Vendors

    Our team can discuss your options to work with external partners that may best fit your needs. From marketing, recruitment, program management and more, we’ll guide you through the process and provide our vendor recommendations.

  • Instructional Design Resources

    Our instructional design team can provide a number of support services. Ranging from hands-on online course development to offering best practice templates, we work with you to develop high quality online learning opportunities.

  • Digital Media Services

    Our in-house digital media services provide guidance, instruction, and resources to all university instructors, regardless of technology experience, who want to improve their technology skills and incorporate media into their teaching. Digital media specialists consult with instructors to help them think through the design, development, and implementation of digital media elements to support student learning.

    Our digital media lab and one button studio services include:

    • Video Production
    • Audio Production
    • Graphic Design
    • Web Design

    Learn more about our Digital Media Services

Ready to get started with an online program or MOOC? Learn more about developing online offerings in partnership with the ODE.

Launch an Online Program

Online learning programs increase access to learners you may not otherwise be able to reach. Our team can partner with you to plan, develop, and launch a graduate degree, certificate, or stackable portfolio. We are dedicated to enabling high-quality, uniquely Vanderbilt online and hybrid programs.

Launch an Online Program

Create a MOOC

Partnering with online learning platforms, we can help you launch a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC). These courses are available to learners across the globe, allowing you to broaden your education reach.

Learn more about how to create a massive online open course

Not Sure How to Get Started?

The Office of Digital Education is committed to enabling the development of uniquely Vanderbilt online and hybrid programs. Discover what’s possible by contacting us through the form below whether you have an early idea with a basic concept in mind or pre-existing course content you’d like to bring online to a global learning platform.