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New Student Indoctrination

The 2021 New Student Indoctrination (NSI) is planned to occur this summer in two seperate iterations.

NSI 2021 Iteration Dates

Iteration 1: 28 May – 24 June

Iteration 2: 25 June – 22 July

Pleae see the link below for detailed information regarding NSI. Students will complete NSI in one of the two iterations, and then complete the New Student Orientation specific to Vanderbilt University NROTC when they arrive in Nashville later this summer.

New Student Indoctrination Detailed Information

Vanderbilt University NROTC Class of 2025 students will participate in New Student Orientation, August 20th and 21st, at the VUNROTC Unit in Nashville. Detailed information will be provided directly to those students attending.

2019 NSI Swim Qual

Small Arms

Firefighting Trainer

Physical Training



Important Resources

2019 -2020 MIDN Regulations

NROTC Scholarship Contract