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Vanderbilt Walk and Roll Loop FAQ

What is the Walk and Roll Loop?

Building off a recommendation from the Vanderbilt Student Government in 2017 as part of the FutureVU planning process, the Walk and Roll Loop is envisioned as a wide and comfortable loop encircling campus for active transportation and recreation and to better connect the Vanderbilt campus with the surrounding city.

Why is Vanderbilt creating the Walk and Roll Loop?

The Walk and Roll Loop is intended to ensure Vanderbilt’s perimeter is designed and developed to provide an enhanced mobility experience for Vanderbilt and the surrounding community. The concept embraces the campus edge as a high-profile gateway to campus. The Walk and Roll Loop sends a clear message to those traveling to, from, around, through, or along the campus edge that Vanderbilt strongly promotes a multimodal culture and is a place to walk, bike, roll, and experience the beauty of campus at a human-scale.

I have heard about the FutureVU greenway. Is the Walk and Roll Loop a part of the greenway? 

The Greenway network was originally conceived as part of the FutureVU land use process as a north/south, east/west Greenway. However, as further planning discussions continued, the network was expanded to include a vision for primary Greenway paths, secondary paths, and a Walk and Roll Loop around the campus edge.  These various paths make up the current Greenway network plan. Click here to see a map that represents the comprehensive, layered, and connected mobility system that will improve internal circulation and welcome the community to the Vanderbilt University campus.

How long will it take to complete construction of the Walk and Roll Loop?

The first installment of the loop will be implemented in front of E. Bronson Ingram College and Warren & Moore Colleges, ending near the 21st Avenue and Terrace Place crosswalk this spring. The design calls for the removal of the traditional iron fencing along the campus perimeter while preserving the border of historic magnolia trees. The sidewalk will be widened and a second, parallel border of trees planted, and seating, lighting and signage along the loop will be added.

The construction of the Walk and Roll Loop will be a multi-year project. A planning study is underway to establish precedents for the remainder of the Walk and Roll Loop including proposed timing for future installments.

Where can I learn more?

Learn more about the Walk and Roll Loop and the Greenway network envisioned in FutureVU, including design and construction updates and upcoming milestones, here.