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Bike Share

Vanderbilt has collaborated with Spin to provide e-bike sharing on campus. To access a bike, download the Spin app and link a credit or debit card to pay for rides. Ride across campus or to locations within the City of Nashville’s program boundaries.

On campus, trips must start or end at designated parking locations. These locations, shown below, are marked with on-site signage and on-ground paint markings. When ending your trip, park within the white boundary markings, and do not block access points to buildings or pathways. Riders are prohibited from riding in on-campus dismount zones, such as the 21st Avenue Pedestrian Bridge.

Off campus, designated parking locations – usually at bike racks –  are shown in the Spin app. Familiarize with parking locations near your destination before starting a trip. Trips cannot end outside of designated areas, and ridership fees will be incurred until the trip is complete.

Any questions or concerns can be addressed to, or to Spin:

Phone: 1-888-262-5189