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Leaching Tests

The framework recommends a collection of four leaching tests that follow the tiered approach of leach testing as published in literature (Kosson, et. al. 2002). These tests can be used to develop a characteristic leaching profile of the subject material under equilibrium- and mass transfer-controlled release. Each test is designed to vary a critical release-controlling parameter (e.g., pH, liquid-to-solid ratio, leaching time) to provide leaching data over a broad range of test conditions.

Data Management

LEAF includes the program LeachXS Lite™ for developing a materials database, creating comparisons of leaching data for different tests or materials, and outputing data to Microsoft Excel®-based spreadsheets for uniform reporting. Also included are leaching test data templates in the form of Excel spreadsheets that provide data archiving and upload format into LeachXS Lite.

Assessment Approaches

Depending upon the level detail and precision required, LEAF provides for the use of a wide range of assessment approaches from simple empirical relationships to complex reactive transport models based on geochemical specifiation of the solid material. Many of these approaches are implemented within the LeachXS family of programs.