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Laboratory Data Collection

LEAF includes spreadsheet style data templates in order to allow laboratory personnel and project managers the ability to record and archive data collected while conducting the LEAF leaching tests in the same file as analytical data for each extract or test fraction.  Required calculations are coded within the data template to improve accuracy and reduce “desk time” for laboratory personnel.

Within each Excel(R) data template, the following worksheets are included:

  • Title Sheet – general material and project information
  • Material Characterization Sheet – detailed information of material sources and defining characteristics
  • Moisture Content Sheet – information required to adjust “as tested” sample mass to equivalent dry mass
  • Test Data Sheet – laboratory calculations, data, and observations specific to each test method
  • Analytical Data Sheet – summary of lab data with extract/test fraction chemical composition  

Other sheets (e.g., pre-tests or size calculators for extraction vessels) are included on a test-specific basis.

M313 Title Template 1.2
Blank Method 1313 Title Sheet with Notes
Method 1313 Extraction Template
Blank Method 1313 Extraction Template with Notes