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Data Management

Tools for Data Management and Visualization

Full-scale, detailed leaching characterization of a solid material over a broad range of test conditions results in a large amount of data which can be cumbersome to manage or communicate without data management tools and uniform presentation formats.

Data management tools available for use with leaching tests include:

  • Data Templates – Method-specific Excel(R) spreadsheets for calculating test paramters, recording and documenting laboratory observations and archiving analytical data
  • LeachXS Lite™ – data management and visualization software*for management of leaching test results, comparison of test data for different analyte within a material or for a single analyte between materials, and exporting of full testing results to Excel spreadsheets for further processing

* LeachXS Lite is based on the LeachXS™ platform.  The full-featured software in LeachXS allows for advanced modeling and data management capabilities beyond the features including in LeachXS Lite.