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Affiliated programs

Affiliated Group leader program in Psychology

In PSY 1200: General Psychology, Group Leaders lead discussions and activities for groups of 10-15 students during class. These discussions range from short troubleshooting sessions for quantitative problems to semi-structured discussions about research articles or excerpts from a popular press text. The Group Leaders meet with the course instructor to plan and review activities and talk about pedagogical moves to make; they receive three hours of course credit for this internship-like role.

Psychology Group Leaders for Fall 2022 are Maya Anderson, Katie Babbitt, Arlene Tavia Charles, Chekube Cheryl Chukwuma, Elizabeth Davidson, Sarah Coyne Hayes, Corinne Elizabeth Hunnicutt, Sam Keller, Saad Ali Khan, Vicki McMillen, Griffin Brady Murch, Shadhvika Nandhakumar, Coco Randolph, Kaiya Paxyn Scott, Zoe Shacham, Anqy Tong, Suong Tran, Steve Wang, Eileen Yu, and Nandi Zhang.

Affiliated Course Assistant (CA) Program in Mathematics

In Mathematics, Course Assistants meet for Math Lab once a week with students enrolled in MATH 1200. In Math Lab, students collaborate on homework assignments, with each CA facilitating a group of 6-8 students. Although Math Lab is optional, it is encouraged and incentivized; students who come to Math Lab can submit their homework as a group rather than individually. CAs are prepared for their role by a weekly meeting with Alice Mark and Nadav Ehrenfeld, where they review the problems for the week and consider pedagogical moves that will help their students.

Math CAs for Fall 2022 are Ashley Aaron, Nia Beverly, Hannah Blake, Saayili Budhiraja, Clare Chen, Margot Deutsch, Jake Du, Morrigan Dunlap-Loomis, Rhonda Giadolor, Kaylee Greenberg, Jacob Katz, Maya Kushan, Alberto Magana, Emilyann Owens, Michelle Dohyeon Park, Kyle Pinzon, Sarah Rimland, Lavonte Saunders, Deborah Sheng, and Daniel Yakubu.