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Trainings and Workshops

Empower Hours

Empower Hour workshops equip participants with an immediately actionable skill set or ability related to a particular social justice or identity-based issue. Each workshop is under 60 minutes, hyper-focused, and involves engaging, hands-on opportunities to practice 1-2 key tools and feel empowered to advocate for sustainable social change. Upcoming workshops include such topics as tokenization, reproductive justice, and decolonizing academia.

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Custom Trainings

Campus partners, student organizations, and community members can request an IICC Training. Our staff members work with you to develop a training session mutually designed to meet the needs of ongoing diversity and inclusion efforts at Vanderbilt.

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Signature Trainings

Through 2-hour interactive sessions, IICC Signature Trainings take participants on a journey of self-exploration, reflection, and dialogue focused on diversity and inclusion. Participants cultivate a deeper understanding of challenges such as the complex nature of identity, intercultural communication, and social justice advocacy. Participants commit to sustained growth and learning in order to continue building communities of compassion and connectedness at Vanderbilt and beyond.


Want to learn and practice techniques for more meaningful interactions with people who are different from you? IICC invites you to focus on improving our everyday human interactions across similar and different identities, cultures, and experiences.

Through real talk and engaging activities, participants will develop a shared vocabulary for intercultural communication, start the critical work of self-reflection, and employ tools and methods for developing their cultural competence.

Key concepts: difference & perspective, inclusive language, responding to microaggressions


Want to learn more about how our identities connect to power and privilege? IICC invites you to examine how you perceive and are perceived by the world, and what you can do to challenge those perceptions.

Through real talk and engaging activities, participants will question the stories we are taught about social groups, recognize their own positionality, and employ tools and methods for deconstructing systems of oppression in our society.

Key concepts: power & privilege, socialization, -isms

Want to learn how to be a truly inclusive leader? IICC invites you to dialogue about existing problems related to diversity and inclusion in your groups and organizations.

Through real talk and engaging activities, participants will reflect on their own leadership practices, identify areas of growth in advocating for social justice, and employ tools and methods for confronting incongruent behaviors in themselves and others.

Key concepts: inclusion, allyship, community

Want to learn and practice how to navigate difficult conversations? IICC invites you to transform how you talk with others about challenging topics related to diversity and inclusion.

Through real talk and engaging activities, participants will challenge their own assumptions and perspectives, name the common fears and faults in approaching difficult conversations, and employ tools and methods to strengthen their intercultural and interpersonal communication skills.

Key concepts: self-awareness, dialogue, affirming inquiry


If you have further questions or concerns please contact Kristen Lemaster

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