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        (When shadowing at Vanderbilt facilities)
NOT a current Vanderbilt undergraduate student?
Please visit the VUMC Observational Experience (VOE) Website

Please keep in mind, shadowing at VUMC is a privilege and should not be taken lightly!  Failure to comply with any policy and/or requirement will result in the loss of privilege.

Fall '23 Shadowing Requirements & Deadlines

   Shadowing Conduct & Attire


If you shadowed on campus during Spring 2023 or Summer 2023 and either met the minimum requirements or received an approved exception, you only need the Fall 2023 Shadowing Agreement, Conduct and Attire Quiz Certificate, AND proof of a Fall 2023 Flu vaccine (dated 7/1/23 or more recently) for Fall 2023 shadowing approval. You must answer ALL questions in ALL surveys, but depending on how you answer the questions, the system will bypass any unnecessary requirements.

1)      Vaccination/Immunization Verification - THIS FORM is the ONLY form accepted
         It is YOUR responsibility to check the REQUIREMENTS and LIMITATIONS specified on the form.    

         (If you have not had a recent TB test, it could take you 2-3 weeks to complete the 2 Step TB Test)   
2)      VUMC Background Check (Valid for 1 year - Longer if you shadow continuously)
(Click here for pricing information and to initiate the background check)

3)      Health Insurance Card – Images of the Front and Back of your Health Insurance Card
4)      Safety Quiz – Image of Certificate (Must be score of 100)
          Click here to view a PowerPoint Presentation
          Click here to take the Quiz
5)      Confidentiality Agreement – Image of SIGNED Agreement
6)      Shadowing Conduct and Attire Quiz – Image of Certificate
          Click here to take the Quiz

7)      HPAO FALL 2023 Shadowing Agreement – Image of SIGNED Agreement        

  Shadowing System Closed - Will Re-open Early-October 

  Requirements for Veterans Affairs (VA) Hospital Shadowing  
The HPAO and VA Hospital have a Memorandum of Agreement allowing VU undergrads to shadow !
Students must find a physician to shadow at the VA hospital, submit the HPAO/VUMC paperwork/requirements, and attend a mandatory Shadowing Orientation Session.  AFTER approved by the HPAO to shadow, students must:

1) Complete the ALL below documents and email them to also copying YOUR PHYSICIAN and , , &

VA Hospital-Required Shadowing Documents
VA Hospital-Required COVID Vaccine Document
VA Hospital-Required FLU Vaccine Document

2) Let the physician being shadowed know they must request for their service chief or supervisor at the VA Hospital to send an approval confirmation email to also copying , , &

  Requirements for Operating Room (OR) Shadowing  
* ONLY Juniors & Seniors will be approved to shadow in an OR
* These are Observational Experiences ONLY (eyes only!)
(Students should not "scrub in" and do NOT need a srub class - no touching!)

Children's Hospital OR Shadowing Requirements
( You will be turned away if you do not meet these requirement! )

  Adult Hospital OR Shadowing:
Additional Training is REQUIRED each academic year before a student will be permitted to observe in the
VUMC Adult Hospital Operating Room.

The Perioperative Services Team is offering a large group training session on
October 2nd (Registration DEADLINE is Sept 28th). 

Click here for more details.

  Instructions for Ordering Scrubs
for Adult Hospital OR Shadowing