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Please note the IMPORTANCE OF ADVISING. The information provided in the links below is NOT A SUBSTITUTE FOR CONVERSATIONS WITH YOUR ADVISOR ! Consult both your school-based advisor and the Health Professions Advisory Office to develop a plan that suits your own strengths, interests, and background.

Pre-med Basic Recommendations/Requirements

  Pre-Medical Preparation - Threading a path through pre-medical expectations


Vanderbilt Alpha Epsilon Delta Pre-Health Society (AED)

All students on the pre-med track are encouraged to be a part of AED.  Attend presentations by guest speakers (including deans of admission and directors of various medical schools), participate in special events (such as suturing clinic where students can actually stitch a pig's foot), volunteer for service activities.


           1.Go to AnchorLink:
           2.On the “Explore” page, click on the “Organizations” tab
           3.Search “Alpha Epsilon Delta”
           4.Once you are on our page, click the blue “Join” icon
           5.The icon will switch to “Membership Pending,” and someone will confirm memberships


  Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC)

The above AAMC link allows you access to the AAMC Resource Guide for Pre-med Students along
with other helpful information and links including the below links.

MCAT (Medical College Admission Test)
       The above AAMC/MCAT link has valuable information including:
              Preparing for the MCAT exam
             Registering for the MCAT exam             

MSAR (Medical School Admission Requirements)
       The above link takes you to the AAMC/MSAR Online, a one-year subscription service,  is a powerful
       online database that allows you to easily browse, search, sort, and compare data on U.S. and Canadian
       medical schools.

AMCAS  (American Medical College Application Service)
       The above AAMC/AMCAS link has valuable information including:
              How to Apply
              Instruction Manual

Resources for Pre-med Students  by the AAMC

Core Competencies for Entering Medical Students  by the AAMC

American Association of Colleges of Osteopathic Medicine (AACOM)

Osteopathic Medical College Information Book by AACOM


Application Processing Services:

AMCAS  (American Medical College Application Service)
The American Medical College Application Service is the AAMC's centralized medical school application processing service (for all US allopathic medical schools other than Texas state schools).

TMDSAS (Texas Medical & Dental Schools Application Service)
The Texas Medical & Dental Schools Application Service is the centralized application processing service for applicants to the first-year entering classes at all of the public medical, dental and veterinary schools in the state of Texas.

AACOMAS (American Association of Colleges of Osteopathic Medicine Application Service) The American Association of Colleges of Osteopathic Medicine Application Service (AACOMAS) is the centralized application processing service for applicants to osteopathic medical schools.


The Vanderbilt University School of Medicine (VUSM) no longer offers an Early Acceptance Program (EAP)

Mount Sinai Humanities and Medicine Early Acceptance Program

State University of New York (SUNY) College of Medicine Early Assurance Program

University of Cincinnati ROSE Program (Sophomore Ohio residents)

University of Florida College of Medicine Juniors Honors Medical Program (UFCOM) (7 year BS/MD porgram - does not accept high school students)

University of Toledo MEDStart Early Acceptance Program



 Applying as an International Applicant