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COVID-19: What should I do if I test positive for COVID-19?

Posted by on Friday, July 23, 2021 in .

Members of the Vanderbilt community who receive a COVID-19 positive test do not need to report that test to the university but should follow CDC isolation guidance. If you have a positive test result:

  • You remain in isolation for 5 days after your symptoms started or tested positive, whichever came first. You can return to campus activities after 5 days of isolation if symptoms have improved or you remain asymptomatic.
  • You should continue to monitor symptoms and wear a tight-fitting mask for 5 additional days.

Off campus residents should isolate at their off-campus residence following CDC isolation guidance.

Campus residents will generally isolate in their regular on-campus housing assignments. They should remain in their spaces at all times other than to seek medical care or pick up food. They will wear a well-fitting mask at all times when in any shared areas and will clean shared areas immediately after use. Roommates should also wear a well-fitting mask in shared areas and clean those areas regularly during the isolation period. Masks may be removed when actively eating or sleeping and every effort should be made to remain six feet away from anyone during these times.

Students in isolation should contact their instructors to discuss a plan to access class material and make up missed work. Instructors will work with students as they do other times when a student misses class due to a medical condition.

Students can visit the Get Well Meals program page for information on obtaining meals while they have COVID. For more information about the Get Well Meals program, including menu options and ordering details, please visit

Staff members in isolation should contact their supervisor to discuss time off work. Human Resources is available for additional questions.