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Employment Visas


  • First time H1Bs (Change of Status, New visas and ports) approximately 6-8 months
  • Extensions and Amendments approximately 7.5 - 8 months

Regular processing: varies throughout the year, typically between 4 and 8 months before getting an approval notice.
Premium Processing: USCIS promises an approval notice within 15 days of receiving the petition. 

All new Vanderbilt H1B’s will be premium processed unless otherwise advised by Fragomen.
Please note that if the foreign national is already on an H1B with another company or institute, his/her visa will be subject to the portability rule which means we will only need a receipt notice from USCIS in order for him/her to start. 

All other new H1B’s will need an approval notice for the new employee to start. 

Amendments are always regular processed.
Amendments are fairly easy and don’t change the status or start/end dates of an H1B. The H1B is amended because of an increase in salary, a change in job title and job duties, or a change of location.

Extensions are regular processed if the foreign national doesn’t plan on travelling and his driver license is valid. The Extension receipt notice from USCIS grants the employee 240 days of work authorization, but he/she will not be able to travel until we receive the approval.

If travel is involved and if the employee needs to renew his driver license, premium processing will be suggested. The department or the foreign national can pay the $1225 fees.

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Training Dates and Information


H-1B and H-4 Dependents

Permanent Residence

O-1 and O-3 Dependents

TN-1: Free Trade Canada & Mexico and TD dependents

E-3: Free Trade: Australia

J1 and F Visas please contact the Office of International Scholars and Students Services (ISSS). Please see Quick links to the right.

Business Visitors

J-1 Waivers

EAD, OPT & STEM-OPT Employees



Additional Information

All petitions (e.g. H1, PR, etc.) are the property of Vanderbilt University and there is no requirement that employees be notified of any changes. Petition approvals and documents are the property of the petitioner (Vanderbilt University), and not the employee.