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Student Life FAQs

Can student organizations conduct raffles to raise money?
No. Under Tennessee law, games of chance are prohibited. This means that the typical raffle event, which involves the sale of tickets in return for a chance to win a prize, cannot be used by student organizations.

How can a student group invite a speaker to campus?
Recognized student organizations can arrange for on-campus speakers by working through the Division of Student Life. Student Life administrators can advise whether the organization‚s finances will cover the cost of a particular event and assist in negotiating a contract for the speaker‚s appearance.

Can student groups distribute their printed newsletters or publications on campus?
Student organizations seeking to distribute occasional publications should contact Associate Vice-Chancellor Steve Caldwell to arrange to distribute their materials. Groups whose primary purpose is to publish, e.g. student media organizations, must work through Vanderbilt Student Communications to distribute their publications. The student media advisor, Chris Carroll (2-6610), can explain the requirements of VSC membership.