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Standing Committees

2019/20 Committees

Academic Policies and Services 

To be concerned with new schools, new programs and new degrees. To consider policies regarding academic honors, leaves, grants, promotions, departmental and divisional chairmanships, programs abroad, the academic calendar, career planning and placement, Vanderbilt University Library, Information Services, the bookstore, and the University Press. 

Committee Members:
Leena Choi, Chair, Medicine (2021)
Holly Algood, Medicine (2020) [Executive Committee Liaison]
Albert Attia, Medicine (2021)
Kathy Friedman, A&S (2020)
Ann Neely, Peabody (2021)
Adam Anderson, Engineering (2022)
Dietmar Bisch, A&S (2022)
Noel Enyedy, Peabody (2022)

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

To be concerned with policies, programs, and practices that will ensure considerations of diversity, equity and inclusion in the Faculty Senate and in the University.

Committee Members:
William Luis, Chair, A&S (2021)
Vicki Greene, A&S [Executive Committee Liaison]
Mary Ann Jessee, Nursing (2020)
Richard Pitt, A&S (2020)
Brooke Ackerly, A&S (2022)
Victor Anderson, Divinity (2022)
Lijun Song, A&S (2022)
Jason Pollack, Medicine (2022)

Faculty Life

To be concerned with policies relating to wages and salaries, fringe benefits, management of investments, employment of non-academic personnel, faculty intellectual property including copyrights and patents, buildings and grounds, space, campus communications, traffic, parking, food services, and campus security.

Committee Members:
Paul Laibinis, Chair, Engineering (2020)
Catherine McTamaney, Peabody (2021) [Executive Committee Liaison]
Clarence (Buddy) Creech, Medicine (2020)
Lola Chambless, Medicine (2021)
Elsa Filosa, A&S (2021)
Julia Philippi, Nursing (2021)
Lynn Ramey, A&S (2021)
Christopher Lind, Medicine (2022)

Faculty Manual

To be concerned with all changes and proposed changes to the Faculty Manual and changes in other University policies that have a direct bearing on the Faculty Manual. To be concerned with compliance and regulatory changes from federal/state agencies and other regulatory bodies that require revisions to the Manual. To be concerned with policy issues arising within the Colleges and Schools at Vanderbilt that require clarification of the Manual, especially where congruence between the Schools and University is concerned. To ensure that any changes to the Manual are clearly identified, communicated, and archived annually. 

Committee Members:
Brian L. Heuser, Chair, Peabody (2020)
John McLean, A&S (2020) [Executive Committee Liaison]
Celia Applegate, A&S (2021)
Jim Hudnut-Beumler, Divinity (2021)
Vicky Morgan, Medicine (2021)
Greg Walker, Engineering (2021)
Ryan Middagh, Blair (2022)
Saralyn Williams, Medicine (2022)


To be concerned with grievances arising under Part IV, Chapter 2, Section B of the Faculty Manual (those that arise from issues other than reappointment, tenure, and promotion). 

Committee Members:
Mark de Caestecker, Chair, Medicine (2020)
John McLean, A&S (2020) [Executive Committee Liaison]
Nick Bollen, Owen (2020)
Borden Lacy, Medicine (2020)
Yesha Yadav, Law (2020)
Brian Fitzpatrick, Law (2022)
Letizia Modena, A&S (2022)

Senate Affairs 

To be concerned with all matters pertaining to the functioning of the Senate. Responsible for a continuing review of the Rules of the Faculty Senate, recommending new rules when appropriate, and assisting in the interpretation of existing rules. Considers proposed revisions of the Constitution of the Faculty Assembly and Faculty Senate when this duty is assigned by the Senate. 

Committee Members: 
Dawn Iacobucci, Chair, Owen (2022)
Jeremy Wilson, Blair [Executive Committee Liaison]
David Cole, Peabody (2020)
Gieri Simonett, A&S (2020)
Jason Valentine, Engineering (2020)
Tracy Sharpley-Whiting, A&S (2021)
Sari Acra, Medicine (2022)
Wonder Drake, Medicine (2022)

Strategic Planning and Academic Freedom

To be concerned with long-term strategic planning and governance issues of the university. To be concerned with policy regarding professional ethics, conscience, and academic freedom under Article II, Section 3e of the Senate Constitution.

Committee Members:
Shane Hutson, Chair, A&S (2020)
Holly Algood, Medicine (2020) [Executive Committee Liaison]
Carolyn Audet, Medicine (2021)
Debra Friedman, Medicine (2022)
Graham Hemingway, Engineering (2022)
David Lewis, A&S (2022)
Mark Magnuson, Medicine (2022)
Courtney Pitts, Nursing (2022)

Student Life 

To be concerned with policies relating to student matters including residential colleges, rules and discipline, future composition of the student body, fraternities and sororities, intercollegiate athletics and club sports, intramurals, the Honor System, faculty-student relations, religious affairs, and the student health service.

Committee Members:
Lourdes Estrada, Chair, Medicine (2021)
Ben Harris, Blair (2021)  [Executive Committee Liaison]
Peter Martin, Medicine (2020)
Moses Ochonu, A&S (2020)
Kyla Terhune, Medicine (2020)
Abby Parish, Nursing (2021)
Florence Sanchez, Engineering (2021)
Joe Rodgers, Peabody (2022)

Administerial Efficiency Task Force 2019-2020

Task Force Members:
Adam Anderson (Engineering)
Doug Fuchs (Peabody)
Vicki Greene (A&S)
Seva Gurevich (Pharmacology)
Owen McGuiness (Molecular Physiology and Biophysics) 
Thomas Palmeri (A&S)
Lynn Ramey (A&S)
Steve Wernke (A&S)

Ben Frazee (Business Systems and Process Support)  
Rich Germano (Associate VC, IT)
Roger Herndon (Director, Procurement and Payment)
Audrey Jones (Director, Business Services
Kim Mallory (Executive Director, IT)
Patrick Retton (Chief Business Officer, A&S)
Michelle Vazin (OCGA Director)