The Faculty Senate is made up of eight committees, each given charges for the academic year.  

2022-2023 Committees

  • Academic Policies and Services (APS)

    To be concerned with new schools, new programs and new degrees. To consider policies regarding academic honors, leaves, grants, promotions, departmental and divisional chairmanships, programs abroad, the academic calendar, career planning and placement, Vanderbilt University Library, Information Services, the bookstore, and the University Press.

    Committee Members:
    1. EC Liaison: Tammy Hoyt, Medicine (2024)
    2. Chair 1: Kristen Scarpato, Medicine (2025)
    3. Chair 2: Phil Lieberman, A&S (2025)
    4. Florence Sanchez, Engineering (2024)
    5. Kevin Schey, Medicine (2024)
    6. Lisa Fazio, Peabody (2024)
    7. Elliot McCarter, A&S (2024)
    8. Ryan Belcher, Medicine (2025)
    9. Joyce Johnson, Medicine (2025)
    10.  Doug Christiansen (Ex Officio)
    11. Padma Raghavan (Ex Officio)
    12. John Shaw (Ex Officio)
  • Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (DEI)

    To be concerned with policies, programs, and practices that will ensure considerations of diversity, equity and inclusion in the Faculty Senate and in the University.

    Committee Members: 
    1. EC Liaison: Elizabeth Catania, A&S (2023)
    2. Chair 1: Susie Leming-Lee, Nursing (2023)
    3. Chair 2: Jonathan Waters, A&S (2024)
    4. Ji Hye Jung, Blair (2024)
    5. Sara Martin, Medicine (2025)
    6. Robert Miller, Medicine (2023)
    7. Nicole Cobb, Peabody (2025)
    8. Christos Constantinidis, Engineering (2025)
    9. Quentin Eichbaum, Medicine (NON)
    10.  Emanuelle Oliveira-Monte, A&S (2025)
    11. Franklin Ellis (Ex Officio)
    12. Belinda Otukolo Saltiban (Ex Officio)
  • Faculty Life (FLC)

    To be concerned with policies relating to wages and salaries, fringe benefits, management of investments, employment of non-academic personnel, faculty intellectual property including copyrights and patents, buildings and grounds, space, campus communications, traffic, parking, food services, and campus security.

    Committee Members: 
    1. EC Liaison: Elizabeth Catania, A&S (2023)
    2. Chair 1: ML Sandoz, A&S (2024)
    3. Chair 2: Alissa Hare, A&S (2025)
    4. Joerg Rieger, Divinity (2025)
    5. Dan Levin, Peabody (2025)
    6. Sara Horst, Medicine (2025)
    7. James Booth, Peabody (2023)
    8. Celina Callahan-Kapoor A&S (2025)
    9. Ritu Banerjee, Medicine (2025)
    10.  Anna Richmond, Nursing (2025)
    11. Tracey George (Ex Officio)
  • Faculty Manual (FMC)

    To be concerned with all changes and proposed changes to the Faculty Manual and changes in other University policies that have a direct bearing on the Faculty Manual. To be concerned with compliance and regulatory changes from federal/state agencies and other regulatory bodies that require revisions to the Manual. To be concerned with policy issues arising within the Colleges and Schools at Vanderbilt that require clarification of the Manual, especially where congruence between the Schools and University is concerned. To ensure that any changes to the Manual are clearly identified, communicated, and archived annually.

    Committee Members:

    1. EC Liaison: Rebecca Swan, Medicine (2023)
    2. Chair 1: Doug Fischer, Engineering (non-senator)
    3. Kathy Friedman, A&S (2023)
    4. Brett Byram, Engineering (2023)
    5. Susan Andrews, Nursing (2025)
    6. Colleen Niswender, Medicine (2024)
    7. Jami Miller, Medicine (2023)
    8. Bethany Gallagher, Medicine (2023)
    9. Tracey George (Ex Officio)
    10.  David Raiford (Ex Officio)
    11. Steven Meranze (Ex Officio)
  • Grievances (GrC)

    To be concerned with grievances arising under Part IV, Chapter 2, Section B of the Faculty Manual (those that arise from issues other than reappointment, tenure, and promotion).

    Committee Members:

    1. EC Liaison: Rebecca Swan, Medicine (2023)
    2. Chair: Catherine McTamaney, Peabody (2024)
    3. Berk Sensoy, Owen (2023)
    4. Phillip Franck, A&S (2024)
    5. Eli Zimmerman, Medicine (2023)
    6. Ingrid Meszoely, Medicine (2024)
    7. Rob Mikos, Law (2023)
    8. Kate Clouse, Nursing (2025)
  • Senate Affairs (SAC)

    To be concerned with all matters pertaining to the functioning of the Senate. Responsible for a continuing review of the Rules of the Senate, recommending new rules when appropriate, and assisting in the interpretation of existing rules. Considers proposed revisions of the Constitution of the Faculty Assembly and Senate when this duty is assigned by the Senate.

    Committee Members: 

    1. EC Liaison: Mark Magnuson, Medicine (2022)
    2. Chair: Brian Heuser, Peabody (2025)
    3. Marcy Singer-Gabella, Peabody (2023)
    4. Jonathan Sprinkle, Engineering (2025)
    5. Dietmar Bisch, A&S (2023)
    6. Karen Bloch, Medicine (2023)
    7. Christian Ketel, Nursing (2024)
    8. Eric Grogan, Medicine (2023)
    9. Julie Vernon, Engineering (2024)
    10.  Cindy Reinhart-King, Engineering (2024)
  • Strategic Planning and Academic Freedom Committee (SPAF)

    To be concerned with the impact of university-wide strategic planning on faculty self-governance and on the ability of faculty to perform their teaching, research and creative self-expression, service, and other professional responsibilities effectively. To be concerned with the policies regarding professional ethics, conscience, and academic freedom under Article II, Section 3e of the Senate Constitution.

    Committee Members:
    1. EC Liaison: Ryan Middagh, Blair (2022)
    2. Chair: Jacob Sauer, A&S (2023)
    3. Melissa Snarr, Divinity (2025)
    4. Jan Price, Medicine (2025)
    5. Buddy Creech, Medicine (2025)
    6. Amanda Rose, Law (2025)
    7. Leon Bellan, Engineering (2023)
    8. Kelly Goldsmith, Nursing (2025)
    9. Katherine Carroll, A&S (2025)
  • Student Life (SLC)

    To be concerned with policies relating to student matters including residential colleges, rules and discipline, future composition of the student body, fraternities and sororities, intercollegiate athletics and club sports, intramurals, the Honor System, faculty-student relations, religious affairs, and the student health service.

    Committee Members:

    1. EC Liaison: Andrea Capizzi, Peabody (2024)
    2. Chair: Claudine Taaffe, A&S (2024)
    3. Rupi Saggi, A&S (2023)
    4. Amanda Satterthwaite, Medicine (2024)
    5. Sandra Rosenthal, A&S (2023)
    6. Peter Kolkay, Blair (2025)
    7. Rebecca Ihrie, Medicine (2025)
    8. Amanda Shakal, Medicine (2025)
    9. GL Black (Ex Officio)
    10.  Tiffany Tung (Ex Officio)
    11. Roosevelt Noble (Ex Officio)
  • Task Force on Administerial Effectiveness

    The purpose of the Task Force on Administerial Effectiveness (TFAE) is to engage a team of faculty, staff and administrators to mitigate concerns about the efficient use of resources such as time, support personnel, and access to data in executing administrative activities.  A further aim is to ensure that Vanderbilt provides a positive culture in which the administration supports the faculty in teaching, research and service and reciprocally, the faculty engages effectively with the administrative and regulatory landscape for effective stewardship of university resources.  The Task Force should recognize that a key resource is faculty, whose focus is best kept on engagement with key stakeholders such as students and trainees; communities of research, scholarship, and creative expression; funding agencies; and in participation in shared governance. 

    Committee Members:
    Co-Chair: Vicki Greene, A&S
    Co-Chair: Tom Palmeri, A&S, until February 2022
    EC Liason: Ben Harris, Blair

    Adam Anderson, Engineering
    Doug Fuchs, Peabody
    Seva Gurevich, Medicine
    Owen McGuinness, Medicine
    Lynn Ramey, A&S
    Steve Wernke, A&S

    Staff and Administrators:
    Kathleen Armour-Spitzer, Senior Director, VUIT
    Josh Brewer, Chief Business Officer, A&S
    Ben Frazee, Consulting and Process Solutions, SkyVU
    Rich Germano, Assistant Vice Chancellor, Chief Information Officer, VUIT
    Roger Herndon, Director, Procurement and Payment

  • Task Force on Clinical, Practice, Research and Lecture Faculty Standing
    The Task Force on Clinical, Practice, Lecture and Research Faculty Standing (CPRL) is to develop recommendations to address structural, organizational and cultural barriers to the full and equitable contributions of scholars, researchers, practitioners and artists across the university. 
    Catherine McTamaney, Peabody
    Jonathan Waters, A&S
    Brian Heuser, Peabody 
    Katherine Crawford, A&S