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West End Neighborhood E-Newsletter [Vanderbilt University]

January 2019

New Web Resources

Live Cam and Updates

The university, in coordination with Layton Construction, established a live update site that features a weekly schedule of construction activity and a live construction cam. The site also includes a regularly updated map of the West End Neighborhood (with construction and fencing statuses noted), an emergency vehicle access plan and progress photos.

The link has also been added to the West End Neighborhood webpage.

This map shows an aerial view of construction details in the West End Neighborhood from Jan. 7 – Jan. 26. (Click to enlarge)

Download the VandySafe App

Vanderbilt University’s Public Safety mobile app, VandySafe, provides many features, including emergency calling, reporting, services and guides, and Virtual Walkhome.

Since its launch in August, the Virtual Walkhome feature has been used over 200 times. This feature allows users to request a VUPD Dispatcher to remotely monitor their walk to a selected destination, including travel to or from off-campus housing, parking structures, etc.

Other notable features include:

-Contact VUPD via phone call or real-time chat

-List of emergency and non-emergency numbers

-Trigger a mobile BlueLight

-Submit an iReport

-Send a photo or video directly to VUPD Dispatch

-Share your location with a friend

-Emergency guides

VandySafe is available through the Apple Store or Google Play.

Construction & Mobility Updates

Multiple construction projects will be underway upon the beginning of the spring semester. Here’s what to expect as classes start in January:

Construction fencing 

As construction continues on RC-A and the West End Neighborhood at-large, construction workers will be present throughout this area of campus beginning at 7 a.m. for set-up with minimal noise. Work hours begin at 8 a.m.

Construction continues at house site 1 (ZTA and NPHC houses) and began on house sites 2 and 3 during the winter break. House site 2 involves the demolition of the Kappa Sigma house and the building of two new houses. House site 3 involves the demolition of 208 24th Ave. and the building of two new houses on that site.

Fences have been installed around the house construction sites. Fence locations will change throughout the project as work focuses on different areas, and will be updated regularly on the live website.

VandyVan updates

  • A VandyVans stop was installed at the 25th Avenue Garage location and will continue to support increased student traffic in the area.
  • The VandyVans stops in the West End Neighborhood will be located at Branscomb and the lot in front of Carmichael Towers East. There may be slight adjustments in the routes taken due to construction, but schedules will not be impacted.
  • Be sure to download the DoubleMap app and select Vanderbilt. This allows riders to track the progress of shuttles in real time.
  • Additional short-term and long-term mobility solutions for the area are being addressed through the MoveVU process, which involves the broader campus community.
The VandyVans stops in the West End Neighborhood will be located at Branscomb and the lot in front of Carmichael Towers East. (Click to enlarge)

Parking closures

  • Greek parking lots closed permanently due to construction efforts.
  • Kensington Ave. closed to traffic and parking permanently to prepare for beautification efforts.
  • The intersection of 24th Avenue and Vanderbilt Place will be closed through early spring semester.  A few parking spots will be blocked at this intersection during construction.
  • Parking Services will continue to make five floors of the 25th Ave. garage available to ‘F’ permit holders.
  • For parking questions, contact VUPS Parking Services at (615) 322-2554.


December 2018

  • Greek parking lots are closed permanently due to construction efforts related to the beautification plan for the neighborhood and construction of new houses.
  • Phase one beautification efforts in West End Neighborhood began.
  • Kensington Ave. closed to traffic and parking permanently to prepare for the beautification project.
  • Construction began on house sites 2 and 3. This involves the demolition of the Kappa Sigma house and the building of two new houses on that site, as well as the demotion of 208 24th  for two new houses on that site. Houses complete by Dec. 2019 include Lambda Chi Alpha, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Kappa Sigma, and a community event space.
  • Fences were installed around house sites. See live website for more details.

January 2019

  • Construction continues at the RC-A site, as well as house sites 1, 2 and 3. Fences will be up by spring semester. More details can be found in the body of the newsletter.
  • Concrete pours will continue in January through the spring semester. Noise will be mitigated as much as possible during these times.

Online Resources




RC-A Site as of Dec. 2018

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