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Academic Affairs Capital Projects

A capital project is defined as a project that helps create or maintain an asset or infrastructure. More specifically, it refers to new construction, an expansion or a renovation for new or existing facilities on campus.

Most Academic Affairs capital projects originate in the schools and colleges with the exception of student housing and campus-wide strategic projects. All projects are aligned with the mission of the university, the goals of the Academic Strategic Plan and the objectives of FutureVU, the campus land use plan.

At Vanderbilt, the Schools and Colleges are required to seek approval from the Office of the Provost for new construction, expansions or renovations greater than or equal to $500,000. The Provost will seek approval from the Chancellor for projects greater than or equal to $1 million, and the Chancellor will seek approval from the Board of Trust for projects greater than or equal to $2 million. 

Step-by-step instructions for initiating and managing a capital project can be found here (VUnet ID required).

Capital Projects Currently Underway

Residential College AWest End Neighborhood and Residential College A
The re-imagination of the West End neighborhood, which currently houses Carmichael Towers, Greek Row and West Side Row, is a component of FutureVU with the goals of enhancing the neighborhood, giving it a more park-like feel, as well as creating a positive community atmosphere in the neighborhood. Consistent with the Academic Strategic Plan’s aim to enhance the undergraduate residential experience, three new residential colleges will be constructed along West End Avenue, between 23rd and 25th Avenues. The goal is to beautify, enhance and make more inclusive and accessibleKensington the West End neighborhood. Read more.

Residential College A will feature 337 beds in an impressive 242,400 square foot, collegiate gothic style structure situated on Vanderbilt University's southwestern most corner at 25th and West End Avenues. A key element of this college will be an iconic tower that will more visibly signal Vanderbilt’s position as an anchor of this vibrant part of Nashville's cityscape and serve as a key landmark in the larger community.

Peabody Rendering Peabody College
Vanderbilt broke ground Sept. 5 on the first phase of a $41.5 million multi-building construction and renovation plan at Peabody College. The historic Home Economics Building and Frank W. Mayborn Building—each more than 100 years old—are being renovated, and a new 15,000-square-foot building will be constructed to connect them. When completed in January 2020, the Home Economics-Mayborn complex will reflect higher sustainability standards and reduced energy usage through new flexible, active learning spaces, advanced technology for modernized instruction, a digital observation space for teacher training, flexible research space, a café and administrative offices. Read more. 

Divinity School expansion

Divinity School
The Vanderbilt Divinity School broke ground on an $11.5 million renovation and 13,641-square-foot addition May 5, 2017. Highlights of the new space include an easily accessible and distinguishable main entrance; a multipurpose space for worship, meetings and musical events; new classrooms equipped with smart technology; an outdoor terrace for solitary reflection, small group gatherings and larger events; and additional spaces for group meetings. Read more. 


Capital Project Strategic Planning

Vanderbilt University is embarking on discovery and planning processes to chart the institution’s future course for capital planning in the humanities and the sciences. Vanderbilt’s top academic and administrative leaders will direct the two studies, which will be guided by the  Academic Strategic Plan  and  FutureVU . Faculty, students and staff will be engaged throughout both planning processes.

Sciences and Engineering
The evaluation of science and engineering research facilities and capabilities will include the School of Engineering, the College of Arts and Science and the Basic Sciences division of the School of Medicine. A key goal will be to optimize  future state space planning and adjacencies and align with the Academic Strategic Plan. If you would like to provide feedback on this project, please complete this online form.
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Humanities and historic core buildings of the College of Arts & Science
This project will assess space needs for departments and programs in the Humanities and the Social Sciences in the  College of Arts and Science historic core buildings. While largely focused on A&S, synergies and opportunities for collaboration will be explored with the Central Library as well as the Blair School of Music and the Divinity School. If you would like to provide feedback on this project, please complete this online form.
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Chancellor's Humanities Committee's Report

Owen Master Plan
The Owen Graduate School of Management has conducted a feasibility study for future addition and expansion and is currently assessing the timing of such efforts.

1101 19th Avenue building
Processes are in place to study potential uses for the 19th Avenue building, including a faculty commons, a digital commons, a university archives commons or other yet-to-be-defined uses. If you would like to provide feedback on this project, please complete this online form.
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