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West End Neighborhood E-Newsletter [Vanderbilt University]

September 2018

Dear Vanderbilt community & friends:

The new academic year is in full swing!

We welcomed back our students, faculty and staff to campus, including the very first cohort of residents to the new E. Bronson Ingram College.

Meticulously built, E. Bronson Ingram College’s stunning architecture and features come together as a timeless piece of Vanderbilt’s history. A model for the residential colleges in progress along West End Avenue, students and faculty live and learn side-by-side where students are invested in not only as scholars, but also as members of society, with significant attention paid to personal growth and wellbeing.

Providing space for inclusive and diverse communities to thrive is an important factor in the progress we make throughout campus, specifically the West End neighborhood.

Additional FutureVU principles such as sustainability, mobility and accessibility can be seen in the progress outlined in this newsletter.

For more information, please visit the West End Neighborhood webpage.


The West End Neighborhood Team

Design Updates

Creating more inclusive and accessible spaces on campus is a priority of the university and central to the FutureVU mission.

Creating spaces to bring different groups of people together to foster community such as the new contemplative space, green space and community house, is integral to the design process.

A new NPHC house, that is more central within the neighborhood, as well as community event space available for all students, will be highlighted additions to the West End neighborhood.

Additionally, committing to accessible pathways was essential to ensure the neighborhood reflects the diverse community that Vanderbilt is proud of.

Part of this inclusive process is also bringing students, faculty and staff to the table while designing the neighborhood. Community input and feedback remain extremely important in ensuring FutureVU projects are carried out through a holistic and integrated process.

For more information, visit the website on inclusive excellence.

Construction Updates

To accommodate necessary storm sewer pipe replacement, parking and traffic will be altered along 25th Ave. starting Sept. 24. Impacted areas of 25th Avenue begin at the cross of West End and 25th to the corner of Vanderbilt Place and 25th.

Mobility & Transportation

Mobility Updates

The university continues to develop a comprehensive mobility and transportation strategy that will improve accessibility on campus and provide additional transportation options.

On Aug. 31, the university announced its dockless bike and scooter plan for the 2018-19 year.

Parking Adjustments for 2018-19

  • To aid students during this time, Parking Services will continue to make five floors of the 25th Avenue Garage available to F permit holders. A Vandy Vans stop was installed at this location and will continue to support increased student traffic in the area.
  • Parking in the West End neighborhood area will be reduced further in October 2018 as construction continues. Sections of roads may be closed for periods of time as utility efforts continue that will impact parking availability.
  • The alleys and parking lots behind all fraternity and sorority houses will be closed permanently at the end of the fall semester as the area transforms to become more pedestrian and bike friendly.


August 2018

  • With commitment to timely completion of the project in mind, construction work will begin at 7 a.m. on weekdays and 8 a.m. on weekends. These times may be reevaluated during different phases of the project. Baseline noise and vibration levels will be measured to ensure morning activity has minimum impact to surrounding areas.
  • Pouring concrete slabs for RC-A began and building will begin to come out of ground. Concrete pours will happen twice a week before 5 a.m. and could produce vehicle noise. Exact dates and times will be dependent on weather.
  • Utility work complete. All construction moving forward will be focused within the construction fence.
  • Vanderbilt Place work complete.
  • Backyard work at Alpha Tau Omega, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Sigma Nu and Pi Beta Phi complete.

September 2018

  • Storm sewer pipe replacement will begin the last week of September along 25th Avenue through December. Parking and traffic will be limited during the day.

December 2018

  • After final exams, Greek parking lots closed for construction. No further parking in Greek lots.
  • Phase one beautification efforts in West End Neighborhood (alleyways) begin.
  • Construction begins on house sites 2 and 3. Involves the demolition of the Kappa Sigma house and the building of two new houses on that site. Involves the demotion of the 208 24thAvenue house and the building of two new houses on that site.  Houses will be complete in December of 2019 and include community event space, Lambda Chi Alpha, Delta Kappa Epsilon and Kappa Sigma.

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RC-A Site as of August 2018

Aerial View as of August 2018

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