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West End Neighborhood E-Newsletter [Vanderbilt University]

July 2018

Dear Vanderbilt community & friends:

Construction has progressed through the summer with work on Vanderbilt Place expecting to end prior to the start of the fall semester. As the utility and infrastructure work is completed, the next steps for Residential College-A will begin. As students return to campus, the majority of the construction work for Residential College-A will be contained within the fenceline to work on the foundation.

To stay on schedule, construction hours remain extended from 6:30/7 a.m. to 7 p.m. for the rest of the summer. Schedules will be adjusted when the fall semester begins. Blasting and line drilling are scheduled to be complete this summer before students return.

In mid-July, construction will begin on house site 1 which includes the demolition of Lambda Chi Alpha while building two new houses on the site. In early August, backyard work at ATO, KKG, SN, PBP will be complete.

Learn more about upcoming impacts to parking below.

To stay up to date, please visit the West End Neighborhood webpage.


The West End Neighborhood Team

Design Updates

The design team continues to engage with students and community members as designs are enhanced for the neighborhood. An updated overhead view is below. Updates will continue to be shared in upcoming newsletters and on the website as designs progress.

Parking Adjustments for 2018-19

Parking changes to the West End Neighborhood began in mid-December 2017.

To address these changes, the university is developing a comprehensive mobility and transportation strategy that will improve accessibility on campus and provide additional transportation options.


  • Online parking registration will open to all eligible 2018-2019 Vanderbilt University students beginning late July 2018.
  • Parking in the West End neighborhood area will be reduced further in December 2018 as construction continues.  Sections of roads may be closed for periods of time as utility efforts continue that will impact parking availability.
  • The alleys and parking lots behind all fraternity and sorority houses will be closed permanently at the end of the fall semester as the area transforms to become more pedestrian and bike friendly.
  • Parking Services will also offer a ½ year student “F” permit next academic year for those who would like to bring a car to campus during fall 2018 and leave it home spring semester 2019.

Completed & Ongoing

  • The first phase of the West End neighborhood project, including new residential colleges, began in mid-December 2017 with the closure of lots 69, 69A, 70, and the alley between 25thAvenue and Carmichael Towers 3 and 4.  The closure of these lots and alley is permanent.
  • To aid students during this time, Parking Services will continue to make five floors of the 25thAvenue Garage available to F permit holders. A Vandy Vans stop was installed at this location, and will continue to support increased student traffic in the area.
  • In addition, Vanderbilt leadership continues to work closely with Vanderbilt Student Government on establishing further rideshare opportunities and incentives for the student body.
  • Prior to permit registration, please consider the necessity of bringing your car to campus. The university understands there are circumstances where students need to have access to transportation (i.e. internships, student teaching), and is committed to ensuring students can get to these important activities.
  • If you have questions regarding the upcoming parking changes, please contact VUPS Parking Services at (615) 322-2554.


May 2018

  • Began construction on utility work that involves digging part of Vanderbilt Place, near 24th Avenue and the Power Plant.
  • As work continues on RC-A, construction hours have been adapted to 6:30/7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

July 2018

  • Construction begins on house site 1, involving the demolition of Lambda Chi Alpha (most recently occupied by Delta Tau Delta) and the building of two new houses on the site. The houses (NPHC and ZTA) will be complete in August 2019.

August 2018

  • Complete work on Vanderbilt Place prior to students returning for fall semester.
  • Blasting and line drilling will be complete prior to students returning for the fall semester.
  • Complete temporary backyard work at ATO, KKG, SN and PBP.
  • When students return to campus, workers will have started pouring concrete slabs for RC-A and building will begin to come out of ground.

December 2018

  • After final exams, Greek parking lots closed for construction. No further parking in Greek lots.
  • Phase one beautification efforts in West End Neighborhood (alleyways) begin.
  • Construction begins on house sites 2 and 3. Involves the demolition of the KS house and the building of two new houses on that site. Involves the demotion of the 208 24thAvenue house and the building of two new houses on that site.  Houses will be complete in December of 2019 and include community event space, LCA, DKE and KS.

August 2019

  • Phase one beautification efforts in West End Neighborhood (alleyways) complete.
  • NPHC and ZTA new houses to be complete.

December 2019

  • Community event space, LCA, DKE and KS houses to be complete.

View full timeline of West End Neighborhood project

Online Resources




RC-A Site Construction as of early June:

RC-A Site Construction as of early July:

RC-A Foundation

Infrastructure Work Along Vanderbilt Place as of early June:

Progress on back yards closest to RC-A as of July 3, 2018:

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