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Our Team

Olivia Kew-Fickus is the Chief Data Officer.

She came to Vanderbilt in 2019, following seven years as the Director of Strategic Planning and 16 years in total at the University of Birmingham in the UK. Other roles she held at Birmingham included Assistant Registrar (executive projects manager) for the Vice-Chancellor (president) and Registrar (COO); School Manager for the School of Education; Research and Business Development Manager for the College of Social Sciences; and Projects Development Manager for the International Development Department. From 2000-2003 she managed international training programs for California State Polytechnic University in Pomona. From 1997-2000 she was Communications Manager and then Deputy Project Director for the USAID-funded US-Ukraine Community Partnerships Project.

Olivia is on the Global Editorial Board for CDO Magazine, is a contributor to Educause events and trainings, and is regularly a speaker at conferences, including the Snowflake Summit, the Nashville Analytics Summit, and the Association of Institutional Research. From 2017-2019 Olivia was a member of the Executive Committee and Chair of the Training Sub-Committee of the UK Higher Education Strategic Planners’ Association (HESPA). From 2015-2018 she was a governor (trustee) at Bournville College and then at South and City College Birmingham following a merger of those two institutions.

She holds an AB in History from Princeton University, and an MBA from the University of Leicester in the UK. In the mid-1990s she spent a year in Ukraine as a Rotary International Fellow, supported by Middle Tennessee’s Rotary Clubs, and she speaks Ukrainian and Russian.

Sharon West, Senior Assistant

Data Governance, Solutions, and Consulting 

Daniel Kirby, Director, Data Governance, Solutions, and Consulting
Don Bailey, Associate Director, Data Governance and Solutions

  • Jason Smith, Senior Data Solutions Analyst
  • Nathan Dryden, Senior Data Solutions Analyst
  • Alex Yeh-Quevedo, Data Solutions Analyst
  • Clare Robbins, Data Solutions Analyst
  • Jaylin Dyson, Data Solutions Analyst
  • Kyle Kinney, Data Solutions Analyst
  • Lima Mandal, Data Solutions Analyst

Meriel O’Conor, Assistant Director, Data Consulting

  • Evan Alini, Tableau Manager

Jeannette Wolff, Data Governance Program Director

Institutional Research and Assessment

Richard J. Iannelli, PhD, Director, Institutional Research and Analytics
Ryan Corser, PhD, Survey Research Consultant
Jennifer K. Doersam, Senior Institutional Research Analyst
Jesse Tow, Institutional Research Analyst

Academic Partnering 

Consuela Knox, DMin, Director of Academic Partnering
Arik Ohnstad, Senior Partnering Consultant (Faculty Affairs, Professional Programs)
Zach Inman
, EdD, Senior Partnering Consultant (Undergraduate Education)
Joy Mordica
, PhD, Senior Partnering Consultant (Graduate School)

Administrative Partnering 

Jeff Loudon, Director of Administrative Partnering
Eric Rothdeutsch, Director, Data Analytics (Development and Alumni Relations)
Matthew Zlibut, Senior Data Solutions Analyst
Muhammad Sarmad, Data Analyst (Development and Alumni Relations)

Collaboration Partners in Other Units 

Victoria Robson, Director, Analytics and Enrollment Strategy (University Enrollment Affairs)
Margot Spain, Assistant Director, Strategy and Reporting (Division of Administration)