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Assessment Resources


The Campus Labs assessment platform, Baseline, is meant to connect and translate data into information that can be used to enhance the student experience both inside and outside the classroom.

Service Overview

Vanderbilt University is a Student Affairs Member Campus of Campus Labs. As such, student affairs departments have access to assessment resources such as

  • example assessment plans and instruments;
  • access to a team of Assessment Consultants to assist with aspects of assessment planning and design; and
  • access to web-based technology for data collection, analysis, and reporting.


If you need access to Baseline, submit this form.

Using Baseline

What is the Student Response System?

This guide outlines Baseline’s in-presentation survey tool.


Other Trainings

Provided below are external links from campus partners and other constituencies to supplement our trainings.

FERPA for Staff (from the University Registrar)

CITI Program Online Modules (required to conduct research with Vanderbilt)