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Les Congés Electronic Edition

Posted by on Monday, October 28, 2019 in DH Projects at Vanderbilt.

Illuminated manuscript snipped spelling Jean Bodel in black scriptThis is a digital scholarly edition of Jean Bodel’s Les Congés.

Bodel likely wrote Les Congés in 1202, when he contracted leprosy and withdrew from all he knew in Arras. His Congés is the first of a genre that would be copied by others, including Baude Fastoul, Adam de la Hall, Rutebeuf, and François Villon. These congés, or poems of leave-taking, are a combination of will and testament and farewell. Despite its influence, Les Congés had not been translated into English, nor was it available as an electronic, searchable edition. We are providing access to that important work for the first time.

The project is led by Lynn Ramey, Faculty Director of the Center for Digital Humanities, and Rachel Sapp. For more information, check out their website.