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Games + Digital Storytelling Working Group

Posted by on Thursday, January 2, 2020 in Working Groups.

This working group operates at the intersection of the fields of games studies, critical theory, and digital humanities. In Fall 2019, this group will read theoretical texts and examine several key questions in these fields. First and foremost, what are the differences between games and other forms of digital storytelling? What is the value of understanding games as critical objects of study versus creating games as critical scholarship? How can theoretical analyses of digital storytelling media influence scholarship at large? Starting in Spring 2020, this group will put these questions into practice, playing and creating games and other digital media as a means of understanding the possibilities of the form.

We meet in Buttrick Hall, Room 344 from 12:00-1:00 pm on select Fridays.

Meeting Schedule, Spring 2020:

1/31/2020: Critical Game Theory

2/7/2020: Twine, Designing Games
*this meeting will take place at 2:00pm and is being hosted by the Center for Second Language Studies (ground floor, Furman Hall)*

2/21/2020: Metagaming and the Politics of Game Culture

3/13/2020: Topic TBA

Meeting Schedule, Fall 2019:

10/3/2019: Lunchtime talk with Ian Bogost (Part of DH Colloquium; Group members should have received an e-vite)

10/17/2019: Topic TBA

11/7/2019: Meeting Cancelled

12/5/2019: Twine Games