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A Digital Humanities Introduction to Cultural Anthropology

Posted by on Tuesday, January 16, 2018 in Courses, uncategorized.

ANTH 1101, Anthropology

SP 2018: M W 11:30- 12:45 | Cavagnaro

Taught by Kellie Cavagnaro, Anthropology, CMAP, Mellon Graduate Fellow in Digital Humanities

A Digital Humanities Introduction to Cultural Anthropology

This course will engage texts, films and podcasts to explore the following questions: What is culture? What is understood as “natural,” or biological, versus “cultural”? How have social divisions, such as race, gender, and class been culturally constructed over time and how are they experienced? What are the primary institutions structuring society at a global level, and how do they affect city dwellers, peasants, indigenous peoples, workers, consumers? How do social movements emerge and what impact do they have on culture and the distribution of power? How has the global spread of digital communications affected human groups?

Digital Humanities describes a set of methodological approaches to humanistic and social science inquiry that incorporate various media and technology and apply these to solving social or cultural questions. This course focuses on developing deep critical thinking and applying problem-solving skills to the analysis of inequalities and oppressions within human communities. To better engage with digital humanities methodologies, our classes will not be centered around lectures, but will instead follow a project-based learning format.

For more information about the course, the Digital Humanities Center Blog: