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Yuechen Yang

What is your hometown? Shijiazhuang, China

What is your educational background? I graduated in Central South University and majored in Software Engineering.

Why data science? I have a strong passion for data since I was young. However, as most universities in China didn’t offer programs related to data science when I finished college entrance examination, I selected Software Engineering, a major relates closely to big data. When I was in college, I engaged in several data analysis programs and realized that data science is an area that full of potential and power. So, I plan to further acquire frontier knowledge in data science.

Why did you choose Vanderbilt? I notice that the data science program in Vanderbilt are organized into three core sequences – computation, data analysis, and practice, which perfectly meets my educational goals. I really like the curriculum of this program. Also, I find the picture of Vanderbilt campus on the internet and it is really beautiful. So, I hope to be a member of this community.