AI Deep Dives

AI Deep Dives (Most Fridays from 2pm – 4pm)

AI Deep Dives are a great time to explore research problems which might be solvable with deep learning. Discuss your ideas with Vanderbilt data scientists, other researchers, DS graduate students, and undergraduate students. These are hour-long sessions where together, we brainstorm and formulate solutions, lay out project plans, recruit students and engage potential collaborators for the goal of initiating new projects, new AI project phases, or new AI project directions. Bring your lab groups, fellow startup founders, and fellow colleagues, and together, we’ll pioneer a path towards your solution. Request an AI Deep Dive here!

Project Details

Fall 2022 Schedule

All Deep Dive speakers invite skilled undergraduates, master’s degree students, and Ph.D. students to attend the deep dive and join their projects. Researchers working in similar disciplines, methods, data, tasks, or research objectives are welcome to attend, discuss, and collaborate! We’ll be posting the schedule for our 2022 Deep Dives soon!