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Preston Abraham

What is your hometown? Springfield, TN

What is your educational background? Degree in Software Engineering from Auburn University

Why data science? I’ve always found it interesting and even fun to try to find and use trends to improve decision-making. So to combine that interest with my degree in software engineering, I naturally looked towards data science!

Why did you choose Vanderbilt? Growing up around Nashville and being a kid that prided myself on scholastic achievements, going to Vanderbilt was a huge goal of mine even from my middle school days. Naturally, when I got the option to achieve that goal through this Grad school program, it was my #1 choice

What are your hobbies / what do you enjoy doing outside of work and academics? Currently outside of work and school, I am working on an independent coding project in python, as well as training for and attempting to run half and full marathons. (Although currently the only full marathon I’ve completed is a 524-lap adventure around a homemade track in my front yard.)