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Nino Yao

Nino grew up in the most innovative city in China, Shenzhen. It is also known as Chinese silicon village. When he was introduced to data science in his Junior year by a professor who worked on build energy data, he found that there is so much fun in the data science area. He joined an undergraduate research project related to building energy data and studied with the professor. It gave him a chance to explore more in the data science area. In his senior year, he felt like he still needs to know more about data science area and every semester his university would have 2 spots to send visit student to Columbia University. Due to the reputation of Columbia University, he applied and went to New York for a semester and took many data related graduate-level classes in Columbia and this experience enhanced his willing to studying further in this area. After he left Columbia, his undergraduate professor asked him to come back and worked as his research assistant. During the research assistant period, he had the chance to work on the real-world data, which is way different from the data people used in the class or some competitions. It helped him develop his data sense and gave him experience in the academic area. Now he is eager to apply the same knowledge to more real-world problems. Specifically, he is interested in human behavior, education & gaming areas. He thinks these areas are connected. Check him out if you are also interested in these areas.