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Meena Muthusubramanian

What is your hometown? India

What is your educational background? I have completed my Bachelor’s in in Electronics and Communication Engineering from Anna University, Chennai, India. I have also completed GNIIT course in Cloud and Mobile Software Engineering.

What is your working experience? I have been working as a Senior Software Developer in Capgemini for Morgan Stanley account for about 2 years

Why data science? I realize that working with computers and software fascinates me and my interest in the subject has been growing with each passing year. Analyzing infinite amounts of data in a meaningful way that can be used in real-time excites me. This drives me not to give up and the interest in programming blends well with my desire to dig deeper into various research areas of Data Science.

Why did you choose Vanderbilt? With a future interest to pursue a research career, solving problems using data, I look forward to gaining insights and opportunities to explore best practices and research in Data Science and I believe M.S in Data Science course curriculum at Vanderbilt University would allow me to focus on my coursework and simultaneously perform research tasks. Been known for its research, I believe that Vanderbilt is the right platform to start my career in data science.

What are your hobbies / what do you enjoy doing outside of work and academics? Apart from academia, I am an amateur photographer during my leisure time. Taking up photography as a hobby, helps me to experiment with photo editing tools and to appreciate every little moment in life.