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Cameron Rondeau

Hometown: Boston, Massachusetts

Educational background: Mathematics major, Computer Science minor, Bowdoin College

Work Experience: I worked as a Revenue Analyst for Bain & Company (a consulting company) for the past two years. Prior to that, I interned as a Data Analyst at Mide Technology (an engineering company).

Why data science? I have always enjoyed solving problems using math and numbers. Throughout my different work experiences, I have been exposed to a lot of different types of datasets, and it became clear to me how powerful data can be and how it can be used to solve real world problems. I really like the fact that Data Science can be applied to any industry, and it opens the door for many different career paths.

Why did you choose Vanderbilt? I chose Vanderbilt because the curriculum is very well-rounded and covers many different aspects of Data Science. There are also a lot of research opportunities that allow you to apply what you learn to real world situations. Finally, Vanderbilt is a beautiful and prestigious university located in an up-and-coming city that will allow for many opportunities after school.

What are your hobbies / what do you enjoy doing outside of work and academics? I played college football, and have always enjoyed any sport related activity. Now, that mostly includes going for runs, playing golf, and skiing. I am also an avid Boston sports fan.