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Asurion Collaborates with Vanderbilt Data Science Institute for an exciting Summit

Posted by on Wednesday, October 18, 2023 in - Generative AI, generative-ai-research, Newsletter, Vanderbilt Generative AI Research, Vanderbilt University Data Science Institute and Vanderbilt University School of Engineering | Large Language Models.

On Friday, October 13th, Asurion hosted the Vanderbilt Data Science Institute came together for a summit that showcased the synergy of industry and academia. The summit was centered around a collaborative spirit, emphasizing the pivotal role of Data Science in shaping the future.

Watch our building tour vlog HERE.

Summit Highlights:

The day was planned with a series of presentations that showcased the current projects and innovations at the forefront of both organizations. Attendees were given an exclusive tour of the Asurion facility, and treated to a lunch that was followed by sharing sessions where representatives from both Asurion and Vanderbilt showcased their insights and future goals in the realm of Data Science. The day ended with a rooftop “happy-hour” experience for all attendees, granting a great networking opportunity for all.

What is Asurion?

  • Asurion is a global technology protection company that offers insurance, warranty, and support services for smartphones, electronics, and appliances. They assist customers in resolving tech issues, protecting their devices, and recovering lost or damaged electronics.

How does Asurion implement data science-backed solutions?

  • Equip customer service reps with AI tools for enhanced response accuracy and speed.
  • Utilize machine learning to proactively predict and manage warranty claims.
  • Introduce AI-driven chatbots for efficient handling of routine customer inquiries.

It was a pleasure collaborating with Asurion. We’d like to thank them for being wonderful hosts, and we look forward to strengthening our partnership in the future.

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