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What is “Human Nature” in the eyes of the US courts.

Posted by on Monday, October 16, 2023 in - Generative AI, College of Arts and Science, DSI-Supported Research, Law School, Newsletter, Social and Behavioral Sciences.

On October 6th, we had the privilege of hosting an AI Deep Dive Session with Professor Owen Jones, where conversations were had around the quest to answer the question: ‘What is “human nature” in the eyes of US Courts?’ This session spotlighted the capabilities of AI in navigating and analyzing extensive legal data, especially court decisions, to comprehend the evolving perspectives on human nature.


  • Purpose: The project aims to decipher how US Courts perceive “human nature” and to understand how this perception varies over time, by the level of court, jurisdiction, and by type of case.
  • Data Analysis: With a plethora of court decisions to scrutinize, AI’s prowess in rapidly processing and categorizing data becomes invaluable.
  • AI Assistance: AI can efficiently sift through legal documents, highlighting patterns and shifts in the understanding of “human nature,” while presenting a coherent narrative.

Session Insights:

  • AI’s role in analyzing court decisions provides a clearer lens to view the intricate tapestry of legal perspectives on human nature.
  • Utilizing AI to dissect vast amounts of legal data offers a faster, more comprehensive approach to understanding the evolution of judicial sentiments.


The session offered profound insights into how AI can aid projects like this in unraveling the nuanced perspectives of the US Courts on the concept of human nature.

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