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Project Grip A Gun-Related Injury Prevention Project.

Posted by on Saturday, September 30, 2023 in - Generative AI, generative-ai-research, Newsletter.

On September 29th, we had the privilege of hosting an AI Deep Dive Session with Dr. Krista Mehari, where insightful discussions unfolded around her project titled ‘Project GRIP’ (Gun-Related Injury Prevention). This session illuminated the potential of generative AI in organizing and analyzing qualitative data, particularly interview responses, to shed light on gun violence prevention.


  • Purpose: Project GRIP aims to understand gun-related attitudes and behaviors in high-risk groups, seeking to bridge the cultural gap in prevention strategies.
  • Coding Status: With over 200 interviews transcribed and a thematic coding structure in place, the project has made significant progress.
  • AI Assistance: Generative AI can efficiently code interviews, reducing the workload and emotional stress on human coders while maintaining reliability in data analysis.

Session Insights:

  • Generative AI can organize qualitative interview responses into clusters, aiding in the understanding and interpretation of data.
  • AI’s support in coding interviews accelerates the process and alleviates the emotional toll on researchers.


The session provided valuable insights into how AI can support projects like GRIP in developing effective prevention strategies for gun-related injuries and fatalities.

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