New Course! ChatGPT Advanced Data Analysis by Dr. Jules White, Professor of Computer Science

Professor Jules has just come out with a brand new ChatGPT course, focused on Advanced Data Analysis.
Free for Students, Faculty and Staff!

What can you expect from this new course?

  • Automate tasks in your work and life with ChatGPT Advanced Data Analysis
  • Automate reading and creating PDFs, PowerPoint, Excel, images, video, and more

From beginners to experts, anyone can tap into these capabilities without prior coding experience.

These five modules will help you augment your intelligence and automate tasks:  

  1. Introduction to ChatGPT Advanced Analytics 
  2. Introduction to ChatGPT Advanced Analytics Use Cases 
  3. Tackle the Right Problems: Appropriate Use of ChatGPT Advanced Analytics 
  4. Human and AI Process Planning in ChatGPT Advanced Analytics 
  5. Error Identification Techniques, Error Handling, and Techniques for Large Documents & Outputs.

    The course takes around 10 hours, and after you’re done you will be able to: 

  6. Turn an Excel file into visualizations and then slides inside a PowerPoint presentation; extracting data from a series of PDFs  
  7. Answer questions about what is in the PDFs, and visualizing the data; automatically determining if a receipt complies with a travel policy captured in a PDF  
  8. Transform a document into a training presentation and associated quizzes; reading and reorganizing a set of documents based on what they contain  
  9. Produce social media and marketing content from a series of documents or video transcripts  
  10. Automate resizing and editing of videos/images while also cataloging them in a CSV

    And much more!
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