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Data Science Institute’s AI Summer 2023 workshop series is now available to watch in its entirety on our YouTube page

Posted by on Monday, June 5, 2023 in - Generative AI, Vanderbilt Generative AI Research, Vanderbilt University Data Science Institute and Vanderbilt University School of Engineering | Large Language Models.

The AI Summer workshop series, hosted by the Data Science Institute, has successfully concluded on Friday, June 2. The workshops aimed to equip researchers, educators, and students with the latest knowledge in AI technologies and techniques, with a focus on deep learning, transformers, and their applications in solving various problems.

For those who were not able to attend any of the sessions, each of them is now on our AI Summer 2023 Playlist on YouTube. You can access the entire series and catch up on any sessions you missed. The final workshop will be uploaded to the playlist within a day of the session.

In the first week, participants were introduced to AI models, with a special emphasis on transformer models, which serve as the backbone of modern AI. The workshops delved into the intricacies of generative models and prompt engineering, providing attendees with valuable insights.

The second week of workshops explored the concept of AI-assisted programming for AI applications. Our Data Science Team demonstrated how to leverage AI frameworks to create new AI models, discussing the implications of using AI in the coding process. This deep dive into AI-assisted programming provided attendees with practical knowledge and skills.

Building on the foundations established in the previous weeks, the sessions in weeks three and four focused on the Building AI Solutions Track and the Training and Fine-Tuning Models Track. In the Building AI Solutions Track, participants learned how to create comprehensive solutions utilizing AI models, plugins, and LangChain tools. The Training and Fine-Tuning Track offered hands-on experience in training foundation models using domain-specific data, including text, audio, and images. Attendees also explored the exciting possibilities of training models from scratch, expanding the horizons of AI applications.

We hope that the AI Summer workshop series has been enlightening and beneficial to all who participated.

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