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AI News Roundup 5/15

Posted by on Tuesday, May 16, 2023 in Newsletter.

Quora CEO Launches Poe API

Quora CEO Adam D’Angelo has announced the launch of the Poe API, which aims to provide broad access to LLM-based services. The API’s availability to all developers, including those from different language model providers, signifies a growing open-source LLM landscape. This development has the potential to impact the Vanderbilt University Data Science Institute and its Master of Science in Data Science program by offering new opportunities for leveraging LLM capabilities in data science projects.

Web browsing and Plugins coming to ChatGPT

OpenAI recently introduced web browsing and plugins as experimental features in the beta phase for ChatGPT Plus users. This phased rollout approach allows for thorough testing and user feedback, ensuring reliable and enhanced functionality. For data science students, these features offer the opportunity to access real-time information, gather insights from diverse sources, and utilize plugins for specialized tasks, providing valuable resources for research and problem-solving in their field.

Google introduces PaLM 2

Google has introduced PaLM 2, an advanced language model with enhanced multilingual, reasoning, and coding capabilities. It surpasses human capabilities in understanding and generating text, demonstrates improved reasoning and coding proficiency, and is already integrated into various Google products. The PaLM 2 offers our data science students and researchers a valuable tool for language processing tasks, research, problem-solving, and programming, expanding their capabilities and potential impact in the field.

Anthropic introduces 100K Context Windows

Anthropic has expanded the context window of it’s AI assistant, Claude, context from 9,000 to 100,000 tokens, allowing businesses to submit extensive materials for analysis and engage in prolonged conversations. While it takes an average person around 5+ hours to read 100,000 tokens, Claude can now process and understand this amount of information in less than a minute. This enhanced capability opens up new opportunities in research and education. An educator could input an entire novel and generate questions about the text in moments.

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