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Data Science Institute alum Myranda Uselton Shirk returns to DSI to join our team as a Senior Data Scientist

Posted by on Wednesday, April 12, 2023 in Newsletter.

The Data Science Institute is pleased to announce the return of Myranda Uselton Shirk, who is joining us as a Senior Data Scientist. Myranda is a Vanderbilt University graduate who earned her MS in Data Science from the DSI. Throughout her career, she has collaborated with various neurodiversity programs, and is passionate about promoting neurodiverse workforces.

Before rejoining the Data Science Institute, Myranda worked for two years and three months as a Data Scientist at NOAA’s National Centers for Environmental Information. She was also a Graduate Research Assistant in Data Science at Vanderbilt University, where she developed data visualization software with a neurodiversity-focused team.

In addition to her experience at the Data Science Institute and NOAA, Myranda has worked as a Software Developer at James E. Walker Library and as an Intern in XR Development at the NASA Glenn Research Center, where she developed AR/VR applications for NASA GRC, showcasing her skills in software development and research on the uses of AR in education.

As a Senior Data Scientist at the Data Science Institute, Myranda will leverage her diverse experiences and expertise to contribute to the DSI’s research and development efforts. We’re excited to welcome her back!

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