DSI Senior Data Scientist, Dr. Charreau Bell, to be featured on SEC Generative AI Forum in April

The Data Science Institute’s Senior Data Scientist Dr. Charreau Bell is among the faculty experts featured in a virtual panel hosted by the Southeastern Conference (SEC) in April to discuss various generative artificial intelligence topics. The panel is an initiative through the SEC Artificial Intelligence Consortium and consists of seven SEC faculty members covering different AI disciplines.

The Zoom event is scheduled for Friday, April 14, from 9-11:30 a.m. CT and requires registration. Dr. Bell will be joining other experts, including Dr. Asim Ali from Auburn University, Dr. Gerald Baumgartner from Louisiana State University, Dr. Robert Cummings from the University of Mississippi, Dr. Jiaqi Gong from the University of Alabama, Dr. Mimmo Parisi from Mississippi State University, and Dr. Chi-Ren Shyu from the University of Missouri.

The forum will be moderated by Dr. David Reed, the Associate Provost for Strategic Initiatives and inaugural Director for the AI2 Center at the University of Florida. Attendees will also interact with select scholars from SEC institutions as part of designated breakout rooms around data, writing and coding, arts and music, and legal issues. To register for the event, follow this link.

The SEC Artificial Intelligence Consortium aims to grow opportunities in the fast-changing fields of AI and data science by sharing educational resources, promoting faculty, staff, and student workshops and academic conferences, and seeking joint partnerships with industry. Through this initiative, SEC universities share best practices on how to ensure students graduate with the AI and data science skills that benefit the region and country, while also resonating globally.