Vanderbilt Data Science Institute hosting AI Revolutions Symposium March 27/28

The possibilities of Artificial Intelligence have advanced at an exponential rate in recent years. Extraordinary models like ChatGPT allow you to generate a research paper in seconds or have a conversation with an AI representation of George Washington. Dall-E has amazed the world with its ability to turn text into whatever picture you can imagine. At the forefront of AI technology, Vanderbilt University’s Data Science Institute is hosting the AI Revolutions Symposium on March 27-28. This symposium is a chance for leaders in AI research to discuss where we are in the “AI revolution” and where we’re going.

The Data Science Institute’s AI Revolutions Symposium will be a two-day event, beginning with virtual events on March 27, followed by in-person sessions all day on March 28 at the Wyatt Rotunda on Peabody’s campus.

Our team of data science experts will host three virtual workshops on Monday. The AI Revolutions Symposium begins in earnest Tuesday morning with breakfast and welcome before getting into three sessions. The morning session will discuss Revolutions in Research; the lunch session will go deep into the Societal Impact; and our afternoon session is on Revolutions in Education. Breakfast and lunch at the event will be free.

The in-person sessions on March 28th, including featured speakers , will last all day. The event will be held at the Wyatt Rotunda on Peabody’s campus. Register for the event by following this link.