Using deep learning to improve dialogic questioning for new readers: AI Deep Dive Jan. 13

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Professor of Psychology Dr. Georgene Troseth has researched for years how artificial intelligence could help parents use dialogic questioning when reading with their children. Advances in data science could now make Dr. Troseth’s vision a reality.

The project aims to create a model that could scan through a book parents are reading with their children and generate questions that go beyond simple facts about the story and get into deeper, dialogic questioning. The goal is to help parents understand the right line of questioning as they work on reading comprehension with their children — questions that explore mental states like intentions, beliefs and desires.

Dr. Troseth and Professor of Psychology and Human Development Dr. Amy Booth join the Data Science Institute Friday, January 13, from 1-2 p.m. for our first AI Deep Dive of the spring semester.