AI Fridays with the Data Science Institute


Do you have data you’d like to use, but aren’t quite sure how to make the most of it? Running into issues with your models, data, or analytical approach and spinning your wheels about what to do? Looking for new partnerships with other people using or interested in data science?

Join us Fridays from 11am-3pm starting Friday, January 26th at the Data Science Institute (DSI) for Fridays full of artificial intelligence (AI) and data science (DS)! We have several different options based on your needs, ranging from office hours for shorter questions and updates to a full on deep dive into your data science project. Read more below!


Drop-In Consultations (11am – 1pm)

Join us for open office hours for feedback, guidance, training, and suggestions on your data science projects. This is a great time to ask about best practices, tooling, methodological direction, coding, and other technical aspects about your ongoing projects. Undergraduates, graduate students, and lab groups engaged in DS research are welcome! Researchers interested in collaboration for grant proposals, compute resources, or training are welcome to drop by and discuss ways that the DSI supports DS research.

AI Deep Dive (1pm – 2pm)

AI Deep Dives are a great time to deeply explore research problems which might be solvable with deep learning. Discuss your ideas with DSI data scientists, other researchers, DS graduate students, and undergraduate students. These are hour-long sessions where together, we brainstorm and formulate solutions, lay out project plans, recruit students and engage potential collaborators for the goal of initiating new projects, new AI project phases, or new AI project directions. Bring your lab groups, fellow startup founders, and fellow colleagues, and together, we’ll pioneer a path towards your solution. Request an AI deep dive here!

Demos (2pm – 3pm)

Drop by the DSI for demos, a weekly informal session starting at 2pm where you can learn the latest and greatest updates to ongoing data science projects at the DSI. Want some feedback on your projects? You’re welcome to present new ideas, results, and approaches with all participants in a 2-4 minute update on your work. Join us in person or sign up here for a virtual link!

Frequently asked questions

Can I attend?

Are you a faculty member, staff, postdoctoral researcher, graduate student, undergraduate student, or affiliate of Vanderbilt University? Come on by! Feel free to use our indoor and outdoor areas for your DS activities – meet with your project teams in our collaborative space, network with other members of Vanderbilt’s data science community, find new partners for research or startups, and consult with experts in data science.

Don’t have a particular project or question, but just interested in data science and want to observe the data science process? AI Fridays take place in the 18th Ave S and Horton Building (formerly known as the Sony Building), so drop by to learn more about ongoing research, innovation in data science, and build your data science community at VU!

Is this homework help for my data science courses?

Your course instructors and teaching assistants are the best resource for help in your coursework. The DSI is happy to consult with you on undergraduate research, extracurricular data science projects, or new innovation ideas with the Wond’ry. Please feel free to use our space to meet with your data science project teams, study groups, or to meet others interested in data science!

Where is the DSI?
18th Ave S and Horton Building, across from Peabody Commons Dean’s Residence

We’re located in the 18th Ave South and Horton building (formerly called the Sony Building), across from the Commons on Peabody’s campus. We’ll be on the main entry floor in A2058 – the main DSI lobby.

Other questions about our AI Fridays, need other times, or need a virtual option for office hours? Please reach out to Jesse Spencer-Smith or Charreau Bell at the DSI.

We look forward to seeing you there!